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On Self-Love

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Self-love is the instinct or desire to promote one’s own wellbeing. It is composed of all the things that fill your bucket or replenish you when you feel depleted. When you feel depleted or spent or empty, it is hard to connect with other human beings. Connecting with other human beings protects us from being alone and is vital for health and happiness. It is also vital for the development of babies. If a baby develops a secure attachment or connection to another human then there is a reduction in future risky adolescent behaviors and improved future relationships (Karakas & Dagli, 2019).  Being a parent requires lots of sacrifice. Being aware of when one needs to rest, or when to ask for help can come with self-awareness.

Think about what restores you, knowing that you are being restored to give or serve others.

Journaling helps with becoming more self-aware. Aim to incorporate it into your routine.

Recently I attended an event that filled my bucket. It was held by South Florida Duke Alumni Association. First you had to watch the movie “The Woman King” with actress Viola Davis. Then you went to a restaurant for light eats and discussion on themes of the movie. It was restorative for me, and it was good to be in a space where there was excellent conversation. The restaurant we went to is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Being in this location reminded me about when I partied there as a nursing student and when I worked in the vicinity as a new registered nurse.

So as you can see in 1 night out, I got to reminisce about different chapters of my life, engage with difficult subject matter provided by the movie and commiserate with fellow alumni with whom I share community. I could feel a sense of calm as I drove home. Shortly after I arrived my daughter was playing with the vacuum cleaner and the contents spilled all over the TV room. I calmly swept it up and placed everything away. I was aware that if I hadn’t had a chance to exhale, I may have had a spicier response.

Figure out what fills your bucket! And schedule it. It will make your life and the lives of those you touch better.

Check out the podcast released today for tips on Self-Love and why so necessary with host Ivette Guttierez.


Karakaş NM, Şahin Dağlı F. The importance of attachment in infant and influencing factors. Turk Pediatri Ars 2019; 54(2): 76–81

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