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The Curse of the Birthplan

#birthequity #healthypregnancy #momlife #pregnant birth birthplan childbirth education eap exercise healthypreggers mental health paternal postpartum depression perinatal pmad Aug 04, 2023

This is a snapshot of a segment that I did with Local 10. I was invited to do this by Dr. Abdalla who is a wonderful Ob/Gyn and I was grateful and honored by the opportunity. I wanted to enrich the clip with a few points:

  1. It is possible to have a natural birth without medical intervention, but you must be aware that even with the best planning, you may not get what you want. In a way, this is a life lesson. However, with a great birth educator you can consider the possibilities so that you can adjust faster when processing your birth experience.
  2. I did not mention midwifery, which is an oversight that I own upon reflection. I studied midwifery and delivered 20 babies as part of my program at Georgetown. I know all the stats and understand why they are so awesome. I know the crucial role that they can play to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity but in the 20 minute interview, I neglected to shout them out. Forgive me my midwifery colleagues and know that it was a genuine lapse.
  3. Mental health is dynamic and exacerbated in the perinatal period. However, I heard a wise psychiatrist say "that it is not like postpartum depression clocks out at the one year mark. It doesn't say ok, that is my time." There will be a need to continuously walk with the mother and offer support, which validates my view of #postpartum forever.
  4. Work with your medical team when creating your birth plan. Also have a discussion of the most common possibilities that can occur during the birthing process.
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