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Postpartum Depression Survival Guide

Eat Well

To facilitate postpartum recovery:

Continue prenatal vitamin

Prioritize Protein (meat, fish, beans, peas, nuts) 

Eat a variety of Fruits 

Eat a variety of Vegetables

Consume Fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil and seeds 

Drink enough Water

Ask your healthcare provider if you should supplement:

• Vit D3 • Iron • Vit B12 • Folic acid • DHA

Try to obtain these in a natural form in your diet.

Recovery Shopping List:

Supplements,  Prenatal Vitamin, Protein, Fruits, Vegetables, Healthy Fat 

On exercise:

First, ask your clinician if you are cleared to engage in exercise

Try to walk at least 20-30 minutes most days of the week preferably outside in a natural setting 

Try exercise apps like “Tone it Up: Workout & Fitness” or “Sweat: Fitness App for Women” 

Search for classes that you can try on the “Mindbody” App that are both virtual and in person

Tour your local fitness club or the YMCA. Ask about their class variety.

Sleep & Rest Tips

Make a sleep schedule and ask significant other or family member to help. 

Make bedroom cool, quiet, and dark 

Consider blackout curtains

Limit caffeine intake 

Disconnect from all devices

Sleep when baby sleeps 

Do not do household activities if you have childcare 

If thoughts about what you could be doing instead STOP you from falling asleep, keep a notepad and pencil next to you and jot them down to be completed after rest.

Religion & Spirituality

What do you believe?

How do you practice your beliefs?

Create or find your own mantras, example - The scary moments are temporary.

Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this podcast is for private, non-commercial use. It does not constitute medical or professional advice.